How To Close Clients 101

Sales Calls Can Be Overwhelming And There is Often Hesitation On The Best Way To Tackle Them. in the time of Covid-19

We Have Compiled A Few Methods That Should Work In A Variety Of Sales Calls Situations. We Guarantee You Will Be Closing Deals In No Time.

How Does That Sound?

For the cases of this outline, we are focusing on selling digital marketing services to close deals with clients.

Before you get on the call clarify your objectives. Realistically speaking the person on the other end of the call isn’t going to agree to everything you’re offering. So, keep what you’re pitching concise and easy to grasp. Thus, narrow down one or two things, to begin with. A good starting point would be website development and social media amplification.

Try to ensure that the call is scheduled to take place with the decision maker. If you are looking to do fact-finding, talking to someone in an associate position would suffice for this initial research round. Given that, prior to your call with an executive, you need to do a thorough fact-finding on the company. This includes their history outlining their growth, product scope and overall vision of the company in question. Simply browsing a website is not going to be enough to convey to them that you have done your homework. You need to show that your strategies align with their aims.

Let’s reiterate, when you’re on a call with the intention to close, it needs to be with the person who will be signing the check or who has influence over the decision. This is key to understanding how to close clients.

An important tip is to listen. It’s an age-old customer service guideline that the customer is always right. Therefore, hearing them out is key, but also, balance that out with asking questions to let them know you are engaged and perceptive. You are listening for purposes of understanding their timeline, urgency for closing this deal and to better understand their product capabilities.

Encourage an exchange of new ideas. Make the person you’re speaking with feel like they are involved in this process. Get the energy on the call going, make them excited the way that you are to make the money. Talk big picture, by painting this picture clearly in a manner they believe in as well. This is when you outline how working with you equates to executive-level objectives being met. Weave in testimonials from existing or past companies that have seen success through working with you.

Once you have high energy levels established, delve into the situation at hand and how you will effectively integrate services x, y and z into their ecosystem. Without wasting too much time, let’s assume they are interested and proceed to offer to send a costing and proposal by that given night. This will leave little room for them to decline an offer to just browse through your proposal. It suggests low commitment from their end.

Pro Tip: Don’t discuss numbers on a fact-finding call. That’s a little premature and will not help close a client.

After you send them the proposal, negotiations start. In some cases, you can send pricing before getting on the sales call allowing them a chance to wrap their head around how it fits into their budget. Especially when it is a big retainer.

The call will trigger one of three responses and will help you understand how to close clients:

  1. They say YES right away
  2. They say they will speak to their wife / team / god and then get back to you

    If they say I need to get back to you there is a high chance of losing the deal, as you haven’t managed to convince them to work with you and they need external validation. This isn’t necessarily bad but not ideal because we can’t control that outcome. The best thing you can do in a situation like this is bringing in the heat of urgency. Saying something along the lines that “all your competitors are blowing up and targeting all of your potential clients, the time you spend evaluating working with us is time you lose in getting more clients and growing your business etc” Explain how it is 2020 and time is NOW. Re-enforce the urgency.
  3. Ask if anything can be done on the price

This is good because this means they are inclined to move forward. You can address it by saying we don’t typically offer discounts, but because you want to maintain a long term relationship the best you can do for them is to close by offering a maximum of a 10% discount.

In case they have any concerns such as that your team is small, inexperienced or whatever they come up with, your job is to take this and flip it to your advantage. A response like “I realize we are a young team but what we lack in experience we make up with our quality of work, client communication and staying up to date with the latest trends”.

Another approach to this is to try to increase your perceived value. It works like a charm. Adopt a stern tone of voice but also come across as accommodating, a possible script is:

“Look we can take on your project now but no guarantees two weeks from today. We have a ton of projects and work on a variable pricing model. The quality and people we work with are constantly improving so what I can offer you today won’t be available tomorrow”.

If this doesn’t convince them, don’t be disheartened. You can always reach out to them a week, month, or a year from now. No opportunity is a lost one. Make sure to save their contact information. Circumstances change, you can monetize on it later, if not today.

Note: This exchange doesn’t necessarily have to take place over the phone. It can be over email, text or any other medium of communication you deem appropriate.

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