Future of AI in Marketing & practical applications you can apply in your business today

Recent innovations in technology have given rise to a new buzzword – Artificial Intelligence or AI. It is almost unreal to think that an algorithm would have the power to predict the future – it sounds just like…Instagram! It’s normal to be really inquisitive about this new entity that has become the center of attention for most industries. 

“Is it going to help or will it take my job away?”. Well, let’s just say that AI is like any tool- for example, the gear of a car. It enables the system to perform much better, but it doesn’t start colonizing (unless told to do so), so there’s less to worry about and more to be excited about! If there’s one prediction we can make about AI, it’s that it is here to stay! 

And in the marketing world? It is here to take the marketing game to the next level!

At AutoLink we’ve learned that marketing activities have been built and rebuilt time and again based on trial and error-with any amount of data sets available for predictive analysis. The increase in collection of data has proved to improve the understanding between brands and customers. 

An instantaneous system, in the world of demand and supply, may prove to maximize the effectiveness of good marketing. Isn’t it awesome to receive a service exactly when you need it, like pizza served hot from the oven? 

AI is that service to marketing,dominating over the domain of AI digital marketing. You can enjoy the benefits of using it while it is still and most relevant. 

There are many prospects to look forward to with the use of AI  marketing. 

Some of them, can transform your current organization to a evolved version of itself: 

  1. Understanding your Customer

The use of AI to extrapolate customer behavior allows businesses to make decisions based on all types of demographics. Let’s say, for example, a company wishes to increase its market share but in the process of studying the behavior of new target customers, it doesn’t want to lose the interest of its current market. 

It would be easier here, to set up a system that predicts the behavior of it’s existing customers, so the company can effectively decide campaigns that are focused on building brand loyalty, whereas as a simultaneous system studying the patterns of the new market-to again, effectively invest in campaigns that also attract new purchasers. It’s important to retain old markets while expanding into new ones, and for doing so. As the saying goes, old is gold! 

  1. Personalizing your Marketing Campaign

The world is moving away from generalized things to more carefully curated specialized services. Everyone likes feeling special, right? It’s important to taper down to your customer with time-let them discover a generalized version of your brand but make sure that as time goes, you reach out to your customers needs in a more personalized fashion. This is where AI marketing automations play a role! 

This practice already seems to be driving the shift in demand in markets. AI systems will only feed more to this shift and hence it’s wise, if not absolutely vital, to bridge the gap between a brand and their customer-and the best way to do this would be using machine learning systems. 

  1. Maximizing your marketing ROI

As AI systems improve each day and the predictions made almost predict the future, it’s essential to know what direction to stir into. 

An AI system can help you make the best decisions after holistic analysis of all important and minor details- that one may overlook otherwise. 

An analysis on the same, shows that revenue generation saw a 41% increase after using  better machine learning algorithms. Every minor detail can be a porthole to infinite possibility of expansion and stabilization. 

For example, details on what the brand ambassador wears in a commercial,  or what language is used while conveying information about your product- all such minor details can be the make or break of a successful campaign. 

Why keep guessing what will work, when data uses its own language? 

  1. Increasing your customer engagement 

The increase in the need for engagement online comes with the need of spontaneous response to queries. It would be a harmful practice to leave the sorting system without the use of AI to identify the need of a customer and directly connect the customer to the concerned representative, or, even better-answer the query. There are many AI marketing tools that can come in handy to enable such a system. 

Engagement is key, it is enhancing the relationship between both parties. In the past it has been seen that AI system interactions give a “fake” experience, but with times to come and major improvements in algorithms to enhance the quality of responses presented, one can expect Chatbots to take a turn in the positive direction. A major part of marketing campaigns involves engagement, so if you’re looking into increasing the efficiency of a brilliant idea, you may want to look into reducing response rate!

  1. Keeping up with future trends 

It is seen that brands and services that win in this department, get recommended more from satisfied customers. How can machine learning help here? Simple. Keep up with the times. Let the system give you key words and phrases that it picks up from your customers and take action accordingly. Being trendy is a trend too!

  1. AutoLink’s Recommendations

It’s always scary to jump into new waters, but from the perspective of an AI marketing company, we at AutoLink are in complete favor of taking the leap- as we see the path of your venture to be one of exponential growth, with the incorporation of AI algorithms, allowing you to reach your desired audience. 

Taking things step at a time is the best way to go about it- even if the growth initially is a little slow, it is surely very promising with time- as your system will understand your market better. 

Investing in a good strategy reaps the best benefits and just like that, investing in an AI system for your organization is typically investing in the best thing to decide what’s best for you. 

The worth of good marketing is difficult to put into words but easy to witness when done. With evolving markets, it is important to evolve marketing strategies and keep up with the era of future prediction. A good AI system may prove to be the most worthwhile investment to venture out and present yourself in front of customers to the best of abilities, and in the way that they would love to see you! The future of AI in marketing will be brighter than its present-and it already seems to be outshining conventional ways by many folds.

The team at AutoLink Marketing, promises a personalized and professional approach to guiding you in the right direction to fulfill your marketing needs. We offer end to end solutions in bringing your campaign to life where we fill the gaps that tools like AI can’t perform. From conceptualizing, ideating, planning, executing and reviewing, AutoLink is your friend in all things digital marketing. 

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