Case Study: AutoLink x FieldWorker

Our work with FieldWorker has been quite extensive. We have provided them a myriad of services that range from strategy consultation, designing, execution, social media and on going sales growth efforts.

What is FieldWorker?

FieldWorker is an app that provides efficient solutions to social workers and agency owners. We designed an easy-to-use, well integrated application that will offer a memorable user experience. We have kept the design relevant and appropriate for the target audience we wish to market this application towards.

How AutoLink helped FieldWorker

Additionally, we have worked on conceptualizing the logo, the website and continue to provide services that maintain these assets appropriately. FieldWorker is a new player in the market, especially with today’s changing business environment, it is even more important to adapt and pivot strategies to ensure goals are being met. Given this, we have also developed an end-to-end marketing strategy for FieldWorker and the team to follow. From launch and beyond, we have built a strategy for every stage in the product life cycle that will enable FieldWorker to communicate with its customers in the correct manner.

We understand that products constantly change and evolve with customer habits and macroeconomic influences, thus we closely monitor trends and the industry and take that into consideration along with client concerns.

As the app is in a beta testing phase, where we are still building and determining what works and what needs to be changed. It’s a slow process but one that guarantees great, successful results. This leads us to the phase we are in now, the sales generation and development phase.

A phase that’s crucial to any new product entering the market. We have evaluated the market and determined the app’s niche, now it’s time to target the individuals in that pool with educational marketing that informs them of our product and why it may be useful to them. In parallel, we conduct primary and secondary research on the growth opportunities and the long term growth of how we have positioned ourselves in the market.

Below are a few screenshots of the app, we helped design for FieldWorker:

Desktop App
Mobile App

Our journey with FieldWorker has just begun. In spite of making lots of progress and paving the way for the application, now we have to market the hell out of the product and make everyone believe in the vision as much as we do.

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