4 Easy Home Health Care Marketing Strategies

Home health care is a market that’s constantly growing. It’s estimated to reach 274.7 billion dollar industry worldwide nearing 2025. Knowing this fact alone with regards to the growth in the home health care industry made us want to list a few marketing opportunities for this industry.

Any kind of strategized marketing effort will only increase your client’s experience with you. With that in mind, we have enlisted some prominent themes below for your perusal:

1. Asking for Referrals

As stated by the 2021 Home Care Benchmarking Study regarding referrals, It doesn’t matter if your client is current or previous. You only know when someone might need your service unless you test out those waters aggressively.An estimated 73% of revenue was reported in 2020 with healthcare agencies using clients as a referral source alone. The key, according to them, was making a great impression while building your current network

Such as taking frequent trips to hospitals or clinics while creating authentic connections, talking about the latest trends in the health care sector with doctors and nurses. Always remember to be genuine in all your relationships while bolstering up the frequency of the visits.

Find ways to stand out with your potential client sources. Ask yourself what makes your business different from other home care solutions before you even step foot in their office.

Give them solutions to decreasing hospital readmission rates and pointers on how to help seniors with daily living and recovery.Your objective should be for healthcare officials to always look up to you as a reliable source for referring their patients.

2. Social Proof

Reviews and testimonials from a satisfied customer can be incredibly productive in your marketing efforts. Patients usually give a review of your service voluntarily if it’s one of two things – either the service was exceptional, or the service was below average. The key here is to engage with your patient’s and clients’ feedback as much as possible, especially if the review was negative.

If you do get any negative feedback, always be sure to respond as soon as possible with a resolution. The correction should keep your client and patient responding favorably to you for everyone to see while ensuring you stand out from all your competitors

We would also suggest that you utilize automated techniques for reviews with all your healthcare marketing strategies. At the same time, ensure user-friendliness, such as the recognizable 1-10 statistical technique implemented for your users to review. 

If you get High scores from the reviews (like a 9 or 10), keep an automation in place to direct those customers to a follow-up email for a review on your company’s website. What this will do is counter any negative reviews about your organization on the web.

We cannot stress further how important it is to focus on positive online reviews and testimonials. It’s been statistically proven that people depend heavily on online reviews and testimonials for their decision-making.

As a business owner, this aspect of your healthcare marketing strategies must become a significant priority.

3. Provide Information

Prospective customers need information daily. Providing the desired information to attract those potential customers can eventually turn them into potential leads in the long run.

When it comes to “information,” your first objective is to keep your business name, phone number, address up to date while being appropriately listed. Also, check your website links, reviews, and content, including the business category it’s supposed to be listed at.

According to estimates, the average American spends close to 5 hours on the TV, as stated by the New York Times. That right there – the television ads or print media is also worth investing in, provided the sources are reliable networks, of course.

Finally, people still rely heavily on Print media that is as stated by Public News service. Why you could even try innovating in print ads or any other form of media you choose to campaign on. Such as incorporating scannable links to your print ads to make readers utilize their phones. This link could take them to a brief video showing the benefits of health care or the positive reviews from the care they received through your organization.

4. Develop an Organic Content Strategy

SEO and content are vital to building your online presence in your area. 

While building your online presence, plan a clear-cut defined strategy based on the services you provide, keeping in mind the location you service while making sure people can contact you. 
Write content for your website catered around the topics they are most likely interested in signing up for your service; this is where a working knowledge of terms like “Keywords,” SEO will come in handy.

Please read here for a summary of what Keywords are, and spend a lot of time understanding the keywords well-known for your particular industry.

We would recommend you start with Moz’s “Beginner’s Guide to SEO“. This won’t cover everything there is to know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – but it will be a push in the right direction for a business owner’s marketing efforts online.

It’s also crucial for marketing professionals to understand ranking for your Pages online because it’s not as easy as it looks. Much homework and research need to be done with SEO optimization to rank No.1 on Google for your website in that particular area and service.

If you aim to have a website that gives the BEST user experience with quality and qualified traffic, that is, the right traffic, you can take some guidance from online marketing services. 

AutoLink is one such enterprise that helps you scale your online marketing to new heights while paying more attention to the right keywords and optimal phrases for your page.

Google will recognize your healthcare organization’s site, ranking you for the relevant terms you have focused on (Eg: dementia, IDD, elderly, seniors if it’s a homecare page). However, keep in mind that readability should always come first in your content, as Google pays a lot of attention to that.Your online presence in healthcare marketing and social media can also be grown through interlinking between the pages of your site. Also, work on obtaining reputable healthcare sites through “backlinks.” Asserting your healthcare site on Google my Business and finally submitting your site to Google.

Keep your Marketing Team Aware Through A Briidge

None of the healthcare marketing strategies discussed above works if you do not take some time to equip your staff and marketing team properly. If you need help with collaborating across your marketing teams, use Briidge.

These plans of action are steps in the right direction to increase your business’s visibility, build a reputation with your patients, and reach out to customers’ needs through your content. To know more about how we can help grow your healthcare brand online, schedule a consultation today.

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