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Success Stories

Marketing Automation

When our AutoLink team was exploring a business opportunity that involved them having to connect with a large number of students for an internship platform, an idea struck. They developed an automation tool that sent out a large number of LinkedIn invitations with customized messages. Using LinkedIn’s search engine plus a custom search filter, the automation tool allowed them to connect with hundreds of students everyday.

With the potential the automation tool had, the team quickly started reaching out to small business owners and service providers who could benefit from the tool at a fraction of the cost of advertising on LinkedIn. This led to the team helping over 25+ small businesses in generating over $500,000 in leads in 18 months.

Apparel Store

A general dropshipping store selling to US, UK and India found success in the homecare niche. Scaling sales from 0 to $15,000 MRR through a variety of display and search ads on Facebook and Instagram. Using effective sales copy and enticing product demo videos, the audience, primarily women in their mid 30’s were responding to this content. Narrowing targeting on facebook allowed Pakyo to scale advertising while increasing product offerings.

Remittance Service

Based in Thailand, DeeMoney is a digital money exchange and transfer platform. The job at hand was to generate qualified leads and initiate sign-ups on the website.
Since all of our solutions are custom-made, we started the project by listening to the DeeMoney team, understanding the marketplace, and identifying relevant strategies.

Once the objectives were defined, we enhanced DeeMoney’s digital infrastructure by revamping the website, setting up funnels for Facebook lead generation and ran programmatic advertising to generate inquiries. As a result, we acquired over 1,000 leads with more than 150 form sign-ups everyday.

Musician Discovery

A platform connecting budding artists and bands. 

Parabeats was created with the simple thought of finding like minded musicians to jam and interact with as it was difficult to do so. With the focus on creating a platform it quickly became apparent that like with any social platform the success lies in having a lot of daily active users (DAU) and so began the process of reaching out to bands, artists and anybody who could benefit from signing up with Parabeats. 

Within a few short months through various influencer campaigns and the early adoption of facebook groups Parabeats grew from 0 to 50,000 DAU’s. This comprised a global audience of musicians from a variety of backgrounds and proficiencies, an amalgamation that was entirely organic.

Our Process

1. Initiation

We aim to gain insightful perspectives on your business goals and objectives. By initiating in-depth conversation, market research and identifying missed opportunities.

2. Brainstorm

After realising your goals, we tailor-make the execution strategy to follow and achieve your objectives. Whether it’s website development, SEO, or content strategy. This step is where we create the Success Roadmap.

4. Review & Evaluate

After that’s out of the way, we review the activities with corresponding analysis of metrics, followed by discussion and next steps to achieve long term success for your business.

3. Game Plan

AutoLink takes-off with pilot projects every time we on-board a new client. Once we decide the services, we plan the execution strategy for a pilot project (3 months). The plan ideally includes digital asset development, content creation execution strategy, CRM set-up and A/B testing services.

Campaign Dashboard

Creating an efficient sales pipeline is key to filtering leads into quality prospects. We manage and track your sales cycle to make sure we are avoiding bottlenecks and creating a seamless lead generation and conversion funnel. 

Track all your deliverables and marketing services through our easy to use dashboard. All your google docs, folders and sheets in one place.

Check deliverable deadlines and status updates here as well. We’re constantly learning about the latest marketing and sales trends. Stay up to date with our learning centre. 

Using proprietary tools and established industry software and strategies we aim to provide the

0 to 1 solution

you’re looking for.

If you’re interested in learning how AutoLink can benefit you, feel free to reach out to us.

Parth Sarthi


Hi, I’m Parth Sarthi. I am a web developer, graphic designer and video editor here at AutoLink. Capturing street stories with my camera and exploring the city on cycle is how I like to spend my free time.

Sanjana Sarna

Account Manager

Hey everyone, I’m Sanjana Sarna, I’m kind of a jack of all trades here at AutoLink. I juggle between taking care of social media, content strategy, operations and account management – all a part of startup life. I thrive off of being busy, so this is perfect! When I’m not working, you can find me binge watching a TV show and eating candy.

Himanshu Dayal


Hey everyone, Himanshu Dayal here. I founded AutoLink a few years ago simply because I saw a growing need for the solutions we provide, which go beyond just digital marketing. I’m super excited about the growth we have seen and the team we have built. Even though being a business owner keeps me pretty busy, when I’m not delegating tasks or pitching to clients, I like to listen to classic rock and travel.

Nikita Lakhiani

Content Strategist

Hey, I’m Nikita Lakhiani, Content Strategist here at AutoLink. My work is to elevate your brand, sprinkle creativity, and turn your audience into loyal followers. I am a perfectionist with love for books and I’ve never understood Pineapple on Pizza, just saying!

Daniel Ololo


Design is not just about making things look good. Instead, it is a powerful tool of communication and influence. It helps to deliver high-quality products and services that lead to better user experiences and happier customers.I have been working for more than 4 years in different fields of design.

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